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HAHTTA recognizes that all non profit organizations are constantly seeking financial support from Government Grants, Philanthropes, Corporations, Small Businesses, fundraisers of multiple sorts, and donations from the general public. Their board members and volunteers work tirelessly to raise money for their causes, and sometimes they can be very successful and other times not so much. Although these methods have worked over the years, there were many great nonprofits that were in a position to help on many levels, however, have unfortunately fallen by the wayside due to lack of funding


HAHTTA fundraisers are designed to utilize all facets of the Arts to raise funds for your organization as well as support disaster relief. As examples, we will organize, promote and orchestrate the following types of fundraising events:


  1. Benefit Concert’s of all genre’s / Live and virtual

  2. Benefit Dinner

  3. Benefit Play

  4. Benefit Dinner Play

  5. Benefit Art Show

  6. Limited Edition Art Sale fundraiser

  7. Benefit Gala / Ball

  8. Benefit Dance

  9. Benefit Battle of the Choirs

  10. Battle of the DJ’s fundraiser

  11. Benefit Poetry reading

  12. Benefit fashion show

dancing group

 Support Requirements 

 HAHTTA Critical Support 

We consider certain areas of community needs as a priority, so should your organization provide support for one or more of what we consider critical community needs, your application will be given priority status depending on an immediate need assessment by our board and managerial staff.


Critical Need Categories:

  • Homeless Children

  • Homeless women with children

  • Homeless women & men

  • Homeless veterans

  • Elderly Support Services 65 and Older

  • Food Banks

  • Children Educational Services

  • Children Health Care Services

  • Children Educational Supplies

  • Children Support Services

HAHTTA only asks that you “help us help you”.

Whenever we organize a fundraiser whether it be for a concert or the sale of limited-edition prints, we require that your organization, your board members and your volunteers participate in the promotion of the event. We reserve the right to support any organization that our board of directors decides to support as well as the right to deny our services for any organization that we feel do not fit within our mission statement.

Corona Virus Update

As it stands right now, due to the Corona Virus 19 pandemic which has bed deemed as a national emergency, we have suspended all events that would require the group participation. We, as an organization, have decided to focus our immediate attention to providing support through non-contact means of communication and support

 Fundraising Campaign Support Steps 

Step 1.

We will need for your organization to fill out an application, and let us know what your immediate need is and how we can be of assistance. Once received, your application will be reviewed by our board, and if selected, we will contact your organization to set up an initial consultation.

Related statewide & national emergencies will take priority. 


We will meet with you and look at viable options that we may be able to implement to support your organization. We will also go over a timeline as to when we can get started and layout a timeline based on the type of event that we agree to move forward with.

Then the fundraising event magic begins. 

100% of the NET proceeds will be allocated to the organizations that we support. Once a fundraiser is complete and operational costs are met, we will donate to the organization that we support, 70% of the NET proceeds and 30% of the NET proceeds will be utilized by HAHTTA to support the next organization in line. This is how we are able to help organizations, with no upfront cost for that organization.

 Providing Support for a campaigns 

Should your organization wish to participate in one of our fundraising campaigns, please fill out the I am interested in supporting a HAHTTA campaign application. You will be able to select which campaign that you would like to support. Once completed, we will provide you information and instructions how you may be able to help with that campaign.

Let us know that you are interested by sending us a email.

 Requesting Assistance 

Should your organization need our assistance and would like for us to organize a fundraiser for your organization. Please fill out the application and send it to us via email!

Due to the current Coronavirus 19 Pandemic, we have consorted our efforts and fundraising capabilities to supporting First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Care Givers, and Hospital Staff that are currently in dire need of Personal Protection Equipment. (PPE) 100% of donations will be utilized to allocate, manufacture, and distribute PPE to Hospitals, Senior Care Facilities, Clinics, EMT services, Police Officers, Firefighters, and care givers of the community which include doctors, nurses, & EMT professionals.

All donations are welcome. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity that will assist us in our current mission, please contact via email at

Thank you for your support, God bless and be safe.

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