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 mission is to promote and utilize all facets of the arts to raise awareness and funds to improve the general health, welfare, education and empowerment of all people as well as provide financial support to faith based, 501C3 and not for profit organizations that are dedicated to support the services that fall within our mission statement.



 HAHTTA will also provide educational services and mentorship programs for at risk youth through all mediums of Arts, Music, Crafts, Design & Entertainment as well as provide management and production training for all mediums of performing arts to include theatre, music and film production. The works of art produced will be utilized for fundraisers to help support HAHTTA’s primary mission. 

 Our overall mission is to help ensure the survivability of Faith Based organizations, Small Churches Community Help Programs, 501C3 and Not for Profit organizations that provide services that fall within our mission statement. We intend to strengthen their financial foundation so that they can continue in their missions and more effectively provide the invaluable services to the communities in which they serve. All the while we will simultaneously implement educational programs, mentoring, job training and a multitude of humanitarian services that fall within our mission statement. 

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